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This is a collection of the most extreme scenes from the king of ass and pussy gape–Caballero Video. Cum on in for some serious hardcore fucking and sucking. These fuckers mean business. They don’t let anything stop them from busting that nut, preferably anal inspired. It’s hardcore anal, with double penetrations with or without two live cocks.

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Max Hardcore,aka : Max Steiner has polarized the porn community like no other director before him. Some worship him as adult’s greatest director while others think of him as a world-class misogynist. Rough anal sex and throat-fucking with very young women are the key elements of his movies. He likes to dress up his performers as teenagers, complete with lollipops and ponytails. Maximum Hardcore is the claim and that’s exactly what you get in the 400+ movies he’s shot so far! According to Max, the women always know what awaits them when they perform in his flicks. His fans love the way Max verbally abuses the girls, skull-fucks their brains out and shoots them full of cum. One of his cameramen once pointed out that half of the scenes he has shot for Max have ended with the girls either crying, bleeding or vomiting. But so far, none of his performers have ever sued Max. Most of them actually seem to get a kick out of Max’s taste for rough sex.

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Born Paul Little, in 1959, Max was raised in Racine, Wisconsin. As a kid, Paul was hyper-active and aggressive. He got into a lot of fights at school, so his parents had to put him on medication. His early years were spent in a Catholic school. After high school he worked in construction and fashion photography. He also produced several short segments for an adult video magazine. In ’92, Max hit the jackpot with “The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore”, the series that made him famous. Later in the year Max launched the infamous “Cherry Poppers” series featuring girls over 18 years of age dressed as teenagers. He started up his company “Filmwest Productions” and produced the following series: MAX, Max World, Hardcore Schoolgirls, Maxed Out and Anal Auditions.

His were the first movies to feature anal sex in every scene. But in 2001 Max Hardcore’s legacy may be in danger: the political climate has changed, especially on titles that feature rough sex. Since it will be almost impossible to find a distributor willing to carry his products, Max has decided to distribute the movies himself in the future…

The Max Hardcore Collection Volume 3

The Max Hardcore Collection Vol 3

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Stars:  Max Hardcore C.J. Bennett Sally Layd Tami MonroePaige Veronica LakeOphelia Tozzi

The Max Hardcore Collection Volume 3 – 2 full hours of all anal intensity. They’re the MAX GIRLS and they love to put out! Max, in turn, loves to put it in! Right up their dirty little asses. More butt fuck for the buck! Nasty sloppy wet blowjobs too. Max never lets us down.



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The Max Hardcore Collection Vol.2

The Max Hardcore Collection Volume 2

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Stars:  Max Hardcore,  Tammi Ann,  Marilyn Martin, Beatrice,  Chris Collins,  Chandra Sweet, Tim Lake,  Natalia Harris
It’s Max Hardcore, that you’ve cum to love! And these are the tween accessorized girls that he fucks with such ease and affection! They’re the max girls and they love to put out. And Max, he loves to put it in…right in their asses! More fuck for the buck! Max brings you 2 full hours of all-anal entertainment! Yee Haw!!
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Original Cherry Poppers – The Best Of Max Hardcore

Original Cherry Poppers – The Best Of Max Hardcore

52 Ratings
Stars:  Brooke Ashley,  Max Hardcore,  Sydney Dance, Umma,Sierra Blaze
Studio: Zane Entertainment
Series: The Original Cherry Poppers

Approximate Running Time: 02:13:29







Original Cherry Poppers – The Best Of Max Hardcore’s

Zane presents the fans and disciples of the guru Max Hardcore, a heart pounding, two hour merciless ass thumping of adventuresome little tarts taking it hard and deep up the chocolate love tunnel in order to graduate with honors from the school of hard Max!

Max Faktor 11

Max Faktor 11

Jessie is on holiday with her folks in Hawaii, and of course board as hell and looking for some excitement!  Right now on Max Faktor 11!


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Now what can you say about Max Hardcore.  Is he so far ahead of his time that he looks crazy or is just plain old crazy.  We will never know.  But what we do know he makes some the best hardcore porn in the business.  Directors duplicate his work and hate him at the same time.  Now that he is a free man Max will be bringing back the crazy and giving you what you’ve been looking for.  Check out all our free video clips and previews.  We add new stuff daily.

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